«BUILDIT Open Lab» project was created in order to attract the attention of the students to the development of modern construction through the use of modern digital technologies, with the ultimate goal to provide the growth of the Ukrainian segment of highly skilled specialists in construction industry and reducing the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical skills of the graduates and interns.

The first steps towards the realization of this goal were made in 2014 on the basis of cooperation with the Beketov KNUUE. There was created the first BIM / VDC laboratory in Ukraine, where the
VDC-engineer certificate program was introduced to the educational process of architectural and construction specialties.
At present, students of AEC specialties of KNUUE have free access to a laboratory. Now, every day, students can come here after lectures and learn building software, do graduate or term projects, develop competitive projects.

With regard to participation, the BUILDIT University project is open to dialogue with companies and professionals in the construction industry. Indeed, the practice of dual education can help to shorten the gap between the knowledge and skills of graduates of higher education institutions with the real needs of the business.