The existing technological progress provided the prerequisites for the emergence of specialists of a new formation in the construction industry – virtual construction engineers and information modeling engineers.

One of the first providers of VDC services in the world was the Kharkiv based team – UA Team . In 2014 in cooperation with this company, the first BIM training center in Ukraine was opened on the basis of O.M.Beketov National University of Urban Economy. Then it was an offline course that was held in a lab, which was equipped with the latest needs. The course was developed and trained by practicing professionals. After completing the course, 18 people joined the team. It was a significant impetus for the company’s development.

We decided not to stop on the achieved! Realizing that knowledge should be disseminated to a wider audience, we have opened the online school BUILDIT Lab. Since 2016, more than 2000 users from all over Ukraine have become listeners of our online courses.

Today we see our mission in a wider perspective. BUILDIT was created in April of 2018. On the basis of our organisation we aim to unite our efforts. After all, construction has to change for the better, and information technology is one of the keys to the success of these changes, so we are starting our way to popularizing IT in the global construction industry today.